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Graff, Gerald/ Birkenstein, Cathy (2009): They say/I say. The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. 1. ed., New York: Norton.



Signature Leuphana library: 10-12234 (other editions also available)

Writing Tutor Freya Sul About the Book

The book aims to help students become proficient in academic writing techniques. So that they are able to incorporate them into their riting without conscious thought. The main theme shows the technique of firstly covering what other scholars are saying about the topic and then introducing one’s own perspective and research. It is useful as a learning guide for beginner writers or a refresher for proficient writers to gain a clear plan before writing.

What topics are addressed?

The book mainly focuses on maintaining a clear thesis throughout and stucturing arguments in a logical manner. It also explores approaches to arguments and the connotations they pose on what is coming next in order to improve flow.



‘They Say, I Say’ is a book that can be used by everyone to brush up their writing skills. It is approachable and easy to understand yet covers complex writing techniques in a way that can be utilised by everyone. It is the perfect introduction to academic writing for beginners and a great reminder for others. I would use the book when planning my paper. Once I have researched my topic and have a idea about the topics I want to cover, this book would be helpful at the beginning of the text-production phase.